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Welcome to the famous Moody Street bar and restaurant in the heart of the bustling city of Waltham. Residence Inn by Marriott Boston WALTHam is a first-class all-suite hotel located on the corner of Moody Street and Main Street, just blocks from the Boston Convention Center. Residences Inn at Marriott, Boston - Wooten is located in a beautiful historic building on the edge of the historic Boston area.

This Waltham hotel offers a cheaper alternative to staying in Boston and there are a variety of popular tourist activities in WALTHam, including the annual Boston Treats Festival and Boston Tea Party. The Red Paint Hospitality Group, which also includes hotels in Worcester, Cambridge, Somerville, Quincy, Dorchester, South Boston and Somerdale.

For just $10 extra per night, no one will require you to have a bed when staying at this Motel 6. Guests enjoy the following complimentary amenities: free parking, free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast every morning and evening. You will receive a pet friendly policy when staying at Bedford Motels and a free pet cot for the first two nights of your stay.

Suites Waltham is located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the Boston Convention Center. This hotel is unique in that it combines Fairfield Inn and suites under one roof. Put yourself at the interface of comfort, productivity, business and leisure, and enjoy free parking, free Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast every morning and evening.

With luxurious Marriott bedding, a well-lit work space and a homely atmosphere, the flexible rooms and suites at this Waltham hotel ensure a comfortable and productive stay. Embassy Suites location offers great free amenities including free parking, free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast every morning and evening, and a full-service restaurant.

If you are in town to attend your children's college or reunion, HGI Waltham is perfect for you. If you're looking for a budget hotel, broaden your search to find a room rate that suits your budget in this upscale hotel room. Remember that WALTHAM is home to two universities, which means you need to book your hotel well in advance or risk increasing your room rates. Most Weralam hotels do not offer room rates above $100 per night, but if you are looking for a lower price, you can broaden your search by finding a hotel with a lower price or a price that suits your budget.

Look for five-star luxury and provide the upscale comfort and amenities you need at one of the best hotels in Waltham, Massachusetts at a reasonable price. Make sure you're in town for your wedding, family celebration or any other special occasion, and look for five-star luxury at this upscale hotel.

Located just blocks from the Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Westin Waltham Boston offers spacious rooms with the signature Heavenly Bed (r). High ceilings and modern furnishings feature high-quality amenities including a state-of-the-art gym, spa and treatment room, and the best views of the city and its skyline from the spacious, modern lobby.

The Best Western Hotel offers spacious, recently renovated rooms with the characteristic Heavenly Bed (r). The hotel was once a Holiday Inn Express before being redesigned and reopened in the summer of 2007 as the Westin Waltham Boston, the first of its kind in Boston. The best amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, spa and treatment room, have all been redesigned for the Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Waltham is third in the US in the number of hotels per capita, behind Boston and Cambridge, New York City and Los Angeles. Located in an office park, the hotel offers special rates to achieve what the hospitality industry calls a "hotel-to-hotel" ratio of 1: 1, or the highest hotel in Boston. She started out as a hotel developer observing downtown Boston and inspecting business and residential buildings in downtown Boston, including the headquarters of the Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Harvard Medical Center and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Waltham has worked out how to balance the needs and interests of the community with the interests of businesses and businesses, "she said. One reason business leaders chose Waltham as their home is because they live in the city, not far from the Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said John Hobbs, president of Hobb's Brook Management, which owns office properties along Route 128.

Maybe we need to do that, "said Holland, whose 351-room hotel is one of the largest in the city. Holland acknowledged that the Beverly location was not a viable option for everyone, but it offered hours for Boston employees. The Holiday Inn Express on Winter Street offers free accommodations to all Waltham Police and Waltham Fire Department employees, including the Boston Police Department and Worcester County Sheriff's Office and Cataldo Fire Department. Westin has also partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's School of Hotel Management to conduct workshops at the hotel school.

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