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Waltham High aluminium Joe Cacciatore sits on the bench for the first time in his coaching career and he knows it. Brockton allowed the Hawks to do so on Saturday, when the Hawks came from a team that had only six wins all season to beat vaunted Suburban League rival Somerville in the quarterfinals of the old tech tournament. Sorin followed him for ten years, but it was the same team as the 1967 team that made it to the semi-finals of the older tech tournaments. The 1967 teams played at a much higher level than the current one, with a record 12-6.

Dick Kinchla was the star of the team and was awarded the Henry McGuinness Trophy as the best high school basketball player of all time. St. Mary's had its share of success in the old tech tournament, but its particular triumph came in 1967, when the underdog basketball team led a much larger Braintree team to victory in the Class B tech tournament, the first Catholic school to ever do so.

Above all, I want to thank him for surviving the winters when I was never there and the spark plug was for the team. He was a fixture in the stands at Waltham High, coaching from the sidelines and was credited with developing players who helped deliver many of his 300 victories. Outstanding players from the 47-man team were RB Joe Cacciatore, RB Mike O'Brien, QB Joe D'Ambrosio and RB John Gaffney, who finished 3-7, but he is credited with developing some of the players that helped him reach 300 wins.

While St. Mary's continues to win on the trail, QB Joe D'Ambrosio, RB Joe Cacciatore and RB Mike O'Brien and their coach Bob Baker are big names in the program's history as they continue their road to success. As a coach, he is the only coach in Waltham High School history with 300 wins in his career.

Myles Lawton, a Boston police officer who will watch both regular-season and tournament games this season. He was a star player for Cacciatore, later he played on the St. Mary's football team and on the basketball team of Waltham High School, is the star of the player, along with D'Ambrosio, and watches him.

Lawless remembers his pals from the early days of the Waltham High School basketball team as Joe D'Ambrosio, a star player in the 1950s and 1960s. The stars of the era were John Higgins, the son of former Boston University basketball coach Joe Higgins. He was a member of the first 38 teams and participated in two World Cups, one in 1961 and one in 1962.

More recently, St. Mary's had the creator Larry Rawson, who later set records at Boston College, and the hurdler and high jumper Paul Edry, who left his mark on Brandeis. LaSalle Baseball has some great artists whose names will be familiar to fans and athletes of the past. One of the highlights of the 1920s track was a relay team made up of former athletes from Waltham High School, Joe D'Ambrosio, John Higgins and John O'Brien.

Holy Name of Worcester proved an obstacle, however, eliminating the Catholic Middle League champions 49-46. St. Mary's posted its sixth shutout of the year against Cathedral and finished the season with a 12-0 record, which is good for third place in the league. But it fell 61-61 to win its second straight title and third in four years. Still, the team recovered and defeated Malden Catholic, 52-40, in its last regular-season game before finishing with its third consecutive title.

A 25-0 win over DeLaSalle ended the season with a victory over Holy Name of Worcester in the final regular-season game.

St Mary's had the first fully Catholic league crown safely hidden but fell to Middlesex League powerhouse Wakefield 48 - 35 in the final. St. Mary's had lost its first three games of the year but racked up 21 consecutive wins before losing to St Johns of Worcester. Close led 9-2 in '64 and St. Mary's went on to win its first 14 games this year before being upstaged 52-38 by Cathedral.

While St. Mary's won its first-ever state title in '64, the cathedral, which one observer called "the Vellante," had a year of' 65.

Ev Paulin was named All-Catholic that year, and Nocera was awarded the McGuinness Trophy in 1946, and O'Connell was named MVP of the New England Catholic Tournament in 1947. Vellante, who later moved to Manhattan, had 88 - 76 points in her first-ever national championship game. At the time, he set the record for most points in a single career game - a high 1,074.

Another highlight came in 1997, when Cacciatore used center Russ Bonilla as point guard to disrupt Cambridge, and the Hawks won their first-ever national championship game, a 76-72 victory over Cambridge.

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