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The weather in Waltham is far too cold to be pleasant for warm weather travelers at this time of year, but if you're looking for a bargain, broaden your search to find room rates that suit your budget. Most hotels in Waltham do not offer room rates above $100 a night, so if you're intrigued, hop on a plane and settle into a city hotel. When the weather was good, people flocked to the Boston area, meaning that when you visit Wailam, you will see a sharp increase in room prices.

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We offer travel planning services in Waltham, MA, as well as a variety of other locations in Massachusetts and beyond.

We offer travel planning services in Waltham, MA, as well as a variety of other locations in Massachusetts and beyond, including Boston, Worcester, Cambridge and Boston.

Our Embassy Suites offer great complimentary amenities including a full-service exercise facility, fitness room, pool, spa and spa. There are a few other benefits that will make your stay perfect for you, such as free parking, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and lunch, and access to all the hotel amenities.

You can also visit the Golden Ball Tavern Museum and learn about Waltham's role in the American Revolution. Among the artifacts of the museum's Industrial Revolution, a section of the watch company WALTHam is known for its permanent exhibition.

Popular tourist activities in Waltham include shopping, dining, shopping and dining at the Golden Ball Tavern Museum. Across the river is the stately WALTHAM watch factory, which is still standing and almost new. It was the site of many of the most famous events, such as the Boston Marathon and the Second World War. The corridor of Route 128, where the nearest city to Boston, Boston University and Boston College is located, is not far away.

Today, the Charles River is a recreational resource, not an industrial one, but its gushing water is still connected to the city of Boston and many of its historic buildings. It's interesting how Waltham, MA, has such a rich history that a few days to visit wouldn't be enough to get a clear picture of how important it was. The answer lies in the history of the WALTHAM Watch Company, where it brought the US railways to the times in the mid-19th century and helped to bring our world to this time.

Waltham is accessible via Interstate 95 (also known as Route 128) and Interstate 90, also known as the Massachusetts Turnpike or Mass Pike. WALTHAM is also accessible via Interstate 94, Interstate 80 and I-95, and Interstate 128, which leads to Mass Pike / I / 90 It is also accessible via Interstate 99, Route 120, the Boston-Worcester-Boston Expressway, State Street, Massachusetts State Road, Mass. 1 and Massachusetts Route 2.

To get to Boston from Waltham, take the Fitchburg Line to Boston - Worcester - Boston Expressway or Massachusetts Route 2. To get to WALTHAM from Massachusetts Turnpike or Mass Pike / I-90, take the Fitchesburg Line.

The train can travel from Waltham directly to Boston Garden and back to WALTHAM via Boston - Worcester - Boston Expressway or Massachusetts Route 2.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Waltham, the hottest months are July, August and then June. October is the main month for fall foliage in Massachusetts, so choose October if you want the best view of the foliage and warmest weather in the summer months of October and November.

Waltham is home to two universities and is about 11 miles from downtown Boston, meaning hotel prices in Waltham AM are rising. It should also be remembered that June and August are the busiest seasons for tourism in WALTHam, which means hotels are booked well in advance and room prices are rising. There are many accommodation options in and around Weralam, many of which are only a short drive away, including extensive hotels, short-term rentals and other accommodation. Accommodation may cost more than usual, but it's not bad for a night's stay.

If you are looking for five-star luxury, the Boston Harbor Hotel offers valet parking, a full-service restaurant and bar, and a spa and fitness center. It offers all the upscale comfort and amenities you could wish for, but at a fraction of the price of other hotels in the area.

In addition, Waltham Center and the surrounding neighborhoods are served by the MBTA's commuter rail lines 553, 554 and 555. The train is the best way to get to and from Boston, as it travels a few blocks north and south, east and west, west and east, south and north of downtown. Express buses run on the lines 552 (Saturdays also after work), 551 (during the week) and 611 (Sundays) to WALTHam. Local buses 70 and 70A run from Central Square in Cambridge to Waltham, 70B to Cambridge or 70C to South Boston and Cambridge.

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